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Burnout is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress. It occurs when you feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained, and unable to meet constant demands.

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Rev Dr Ian Duncum with Rev Dr Darrell Jackson at launc

Dr Ian Duncum is a trained and accredited (with John Mark Ministries) church & non-profit consultant, working with church leaders to facilitate hundreds of churches of various denominations to maximise their growth or deal with issues blocking growth and health. Sometimes Ian has consulted with churches while pastoring them (intentional interim ministry). Alongside this, Ian provides consultancy for denominations and training for ministers, church leaderships and others.

Ian has been mentoring and coaching Christian leaders for many years, and this personal and skill development has helped many to take up significant church or para-church positions. Recently Ian has added pastoral supervision to provide a supportive space to reflect on ministry practice, and develop as a person and a minister (Member Australian Christian Mentoring Network, Member Australian Association of Supervision, authorised supervisor for many denominations).


Ian has held denominational leadership roles in church health/development and consultancy training/supervision, and a tertiary research position with NCLS Research/ACU. 

Ian is an accredited minister with a track record of growing and revitalising churches over 20 years. This includes a church which had declined for 37 years before Ian was appointed, growing from 60 to 160 attenders in five years. Ian has also pastored in two churches over 400 attenders, as well as various intentional interim ministries.

Ian is passionate about church health and seeing churches move strongly into a changing future, impacting their local communities. Ian is the co-founder of the Australian Church Health Network, a place where church health practitioners can learn together. Ian's doctoral research into the impact of church consultancy on church vitality and growth, is published as The Impact of Church Consultancy (order here). Ian has also contributed chapters to Congregational Transformation in Australian Baptist Church Life (pictured with Rev Dr Darrell Jackson at the launch) and Baptists Responding to Cultural Diversity (cover pictured right) and authored or co-authored numerous articles. 

Ian is married to Joanne, a speech pathologist, and they have two sons. For relaxation, Ian enjoys playing tennis, 4WD, reading, and renovating.

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Ian is passionate about church and organisational health and seeing churches & non-profits move strongly into a changing future. For some churches, that involves building even greater capacity, leadership, outreach and vision for the next stage of growth. Many churches find it useful to have an external evaluation every two or three years. And for other churches, Ian assists that church process specific issues such as conflict, decline, crisis recovery, or pastoral transition.