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When might a consultancy be helpful for your Church OR ORGANISATION?
  • When a church/orgn wants to review its health and direction - Vision/Mission/Value/Goal Statements.

  • When a church/orgn is going through a period of change - between pastors, growth, decline or other change

  • When assistance is required in times of tension/difficulty/crisis.

  • When a church/orgn has lost its outreach edge with the local community or its mission is drifting.

  • When a church/orgn is struggling to raise up new leaders or recruit, or a Staff/Leadership Team/Board review.

  • When a church/orgn chooses to have a pro-active health check. Many good churches/organisations do this.

You can request a free church health checklist in the contact to help you reflect on your church's health.

  • Ian has completed over 160 consultancies with churches, denominations and non-profits with great results. See this video and "What People Say" below for more testimonials.

  • Ian uses a proven, evidence-based process that is used used by churches from a wide variety of denominations across Australia (see Ian's book The Impact of Church Consultancy that shows how churches that had a consultancy were still significantly impacted in their growth and health five years after the consultancy).

Ian works flexibly across various modes. For example, Ian could complete some, or possibly all of the consultancy online. This saves on travel costs. Some situations may just require a two hours meeting with the church leadership. Others will need a longer process.
Objectives are always set by the local church leadership - not the consultant. The aim of the consultancy process is to help the local church decide on its best course of action. The consultant's role is facilitating, guiding, listening and information gathering, communicating and recommending.
Basically there are three phases to a consultancy: setting objectives in collaboration with the Leadership Team, gathering information through interviews and surveys, and reporting back with recommendations that link to the original objectives. Some training for the Leadership Team may be involved. To assist with implementation of the consultancy recommendations, coaching sessions for the Senior Pastor are included in packages.

Click the Book Now button below for a FREE, personalized 30-Minute consultancy strategy session over Zoom. You can find out more about me here​.

consultancies include

OVER 160 Consultancies with churches, DEnominations and non-Profits, including:



Ian Duncum has wide ranging experience and expertise in Church health and development. Ian’s advice, input, support and prayer was invaluable over a period of two and a half years, helping us bring two local Churches together in a successful merger process. He assisted our initial discussions, the development of an enquiry team and then the formation of a merger team. Ian’s wisdom was essential in identification of underlying values, as well as matters of vision and mission for the merged Church. Ian’s ongoing mentoring of our senior leadership team has been a vital part of the successful birth and growing health of Connect Church. We highly recommend Ian Duncum as a Church consultant and are grateful for his input.


Mike McGarrity – Missional Leader     

Glenn Baigent – Pastoral Leader


Since your consultancy of our OOSH care non-profit two years ago (recommending restructuring and employing staff) our annual turnover has increased from $2M to $5M and we are serving more schools, parents and children.

Graydon Colville - Board Member


"[Haberfield Life Church] has already quadrupled in 5 months post-merger. It was great to go to the relaunch and see new people, young families and also leaders from Manly Life who have moved churches so they can play a part in building a renewed church that is impacting its community.”

John Sandeman, The Other Cheek, in an article "Churches Just Like People can be Reborn" 27/10/2023

john sandeman
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