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Transform Your Leadership and Ministry!

  • Improve communication & interpersonal interactions

  • Increase self-awareness

  • Make better decisions

  • Prevent burnout/manage boundaries

  • Increase ministry effectiveness & save time

Why Choose Ian?

  • Ian provides a safe, confidential space to share about life and ministry and together navigate a way forward. Many have gained increased traction in ministry and greater levels of personal wellbeing.

  • Extensive mentoring/supervision experience

  • Broad ministry experience

  • Large resource library

  • Ian has written extensively and spoken at a wide variety of conventions and Colleges here

  • Trusted/Professional Affiliations: Ian is a member of the Australian Christian Mentoring Network, Australian Association of Supervision, European Mentoring & Coaching Council, and the International Mentoring Association. He is an authorized supervisor for most denominations and chaplaincy organizations including Chaplaincy Australia, Generate, and Korus Connect.

What Is Pastoral Supervision?

"Pastoral Supervision is a regular, planned intentional and boundaried space in which a practitioner skilled in supervision (the supervisor) meets with one or more other practitioners (the supervisees) to look together at the supervisees’ practice; a relationship characterised by trust, confidentiality, support, and openness that gives the supervisee freedom and safety to explore the issues arising in their work."

  • Association of Pastoral Supervisors and Educators in the UK


What Is Christian Mentoring?

"Christian mentoring is a dynamic, intentional relationship of trust in which one person enables another to maximize the grace of God in their life and service."

  • John Mallison


How It Works

  • Session Length: One hour

  • Format: Conducted over Zoom

  • Frequency: Ideally once a month

  • Fees are $136pm up, depending on supervision frequency

  • Special Offer: Your first session is free!

To book a free info session, click here


Have questions? Contact me here


Note: If you are from NZ, UK, USA, etc., I am open to adjusting my schedule to accommodate you. Please contact me to access times outside the booking calendar. 


Ian is sought after by denominational leaders, planters and pastors of large churches. ​


Discover how Ian's supervision or mentoring can help you navigate the complexities of ministry and leadership, save time and decrease your stress levels. Book a free no obligation info session today: click here. You have nothing to lose (cancel at any time) but everything to gain!

"Ian has an abundance of experience, resources to give and great wisdom." ★★★★★

Keith Walker, minister in NSW, Australia

"Appreciate the ability to discuss issues, good support, and helpful information gained through mentoring."

Roger Harris, a Senior Pastor in Queensland, Australia with a staff team of four


benefits of supervision

Results of this study were published in an article by Judy Adamson, "Incredibly helpful pastoral supervision plans get green light" in Southern Cross Nov-Dec 2023.

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